Journey Seekers: A Steampunk Adventure!

JOURNEY SEEKERS: A Steampunk Adventure! ©2010

Produced by Eugene Docena

Directed by Stefanie Warner

Written by Stefanie Warner & Eugene Docena

Premiered at Whitmore-Lindley Theatre  Center(2010)

11006 Magnolia Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA 91601-3704
April 2-18, 2010

Executive Producer: Eugene Docena

Stage Manager: June Cris Del Rosario (Sound/Lights)

Cast: Davis Wyn, Aneiszka Sea, Josh Polizzi, Michael Heiman, Kate DelRosario

Music: Delicate Edge

Synopsis: A mysterious, wicked adventure in the realm of steampunk,Journey Seekers: A Steampunk Adventure! dives in the haunting tale of the Black Basilisk, a folklore speed train from hell. Three strangers brave the journey, facing fiendish Gremlins, the ominous furnace, and its infamous ghostly Conductor; waging their lives for only one stop at the coast. Journey Seekers: A Steampunk Adventure! is a witty suspense-filled fairytale for the new generation of the steampunk movement!

“It’s Symphony of Suspense and Wit” -Floyd Tran

“…A Momentous Feat!” -Jennifer Yang,