Project Manager


Welcome to Azure Lorica! To volunteer for our charity as a Project Manager, you will be gaining access to our facebook page to organize events and gather people of interest to help us in our cause to bring free theatre to families. To begin, following these few steps:

  1. Contact us and request to volunteer as a Project Manager for Azure Lorica. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and we’ll connect you to help us manage our facebook page.
  2. Create an event on our page and invite friends and family. This event can either be a fundraiser, performance, or workshop. Please check our Calendar to promote the event, or you can start a fundraiser of your own:
    • Join our group page, and gain access to our archives. There you will find the W-9 Form – an application to share a percentage of the bill from business venues, such as restaurants and bowling alleys, for Azure Lorica to earn from your fundraiser. Simply call the venue, request for the Manager, as how you can start a fundraiser, and they’ll give you instructions to get started.*Please check with the venue if they support “501c3 charities”.
  3. Promoting the event can be as simple or as complex as you’d like:
    • Share the event via facebook, and remind everyone when and what the event is for. [visit for more info:]
    • Share the event on other social networks, and link them to the event.
    • Playing online videogames actually help, as any source of social activity can make the invites more casual and personal.
  4. Share why this is important. Azure Lorica introduces kids to culture, opportunities to volunteers, and allows our donors to give to a worthy cause. Let them know this, and be transparent. The point of a charity is to give people dignity, so stay honest, and let them know. [visit for more info:].
    • To bring more awareness, you can share links to articles/blogs and videos about why theatre is important, or the effects of arts in society and education.
  5. Request for Volunteers. Let us know if you need certain volunteers, and we’ll give you access to VolunteerMatch to post opportunities yourself. Please be kind to the volunteers you may supervise, they are taking time out of their day to support our charity.
  6. Stay in contact with us and make sure we’re working together in this project. You’re not alone. Volunteering with Azure Lorica means you are one of us.

Don’t be shy — Contact Us Now.

Here are tools to help your volunteerism easier: