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Azure Lorica Foundation invites you to join our cause. By participating as a Volunteer or Patron, you’ll be aiding us in bringing Los Angeles County free cultural events and workshops. We currently work with LA Libraries and Pasadena Libraries.

Advocate for social justice today, by supporting the following programs:

26804105882_586e3c8e5a_kFANFILM FESTIVALS:

We present film festivals at each library, in LA County. Films are collected through FanFilm Awards. You can help us by sharing our collection online, to friends, family, and community.


anonymousLIT FIX:

We present lectures on literary authors at each library, in LA County. Lectures are subjected to Annual Cause, to educate the public of historical facts and theories, for critical thinking.

Annual Cause are voted by members of the Azure Lorica Foundation. Register today: