How do I calculate volunteer hours?

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As a volunteer, you have a right to know your hours, and finish your community service on time. We, in the Azure Lorica Foundation, are not responsible to calculate your hours for you, but are obligated to offer community service opportunities. The following will help you measure your hours:

Event Volunteerism is measured by your Supervisor at the event. Please check in and check out, when you attend the event for community services.

Virtual Volunteerism is measured independently by volunteer, and is confirmed by Eugene Cordell. Please contact him via email:

  • 1 hour = 1 Review in
  • 1 hour = 1 Edit of an Article for Triskele Press Magazine
  • 15 minutes = 4 posts in any social network mentioning:
    • @azurelorica
    • @ninjaconla
    • @triskele press
    • @fanfilmawards
    • @driftplume
    • @nerdcivilwar
  • 4 hours = Per day you design artwork, photograph, or any other artistic form of volunteerism for Azure Lorica (we cannot make volunteers work more than 4 hours in the state of California, please be aware)

Please fill out our Community Service Form when you’re finished volunteering. And we will confirm your hours, by the measure of your activity locally and virtually in our organization.


Policies and Procedures:

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