Who We Are

Azure Lorica, Inc.  was founded on 2010 by Stefanie Warner, Eugene Docena, and June Del Rosario.

Azure Lorica is a nonprofit 501c3 charity in performing arts. We serve the communities of Los Angeles County, providing programs in volunteerism, apprenticeships, productions, and workshops in theatres, community venues, and online.

Our Mission: At Azure Lorica, we truly believe performing arts better our communities. We’ve made it our purpose to bridge the arts with local communities in Los Angeles by offering free opportunities to community members to participate in performing arts.

Our History: Formerly known as Star Gazerz (DBA), a Teenage Cosplay Club led by Stefanie Warner, existing since 2000- attending Anime Expo and various Masquerade Events. With themes from Eastern and Western Pop Culture, the Club made character improvisations, and independently taught themselves in thespian and costume aesthetics. This proved to be a more useful medium for the short term members to become active in social events, and gain trust between parents and friends in attending Conventions and field experience.

By 2004, the Club had started their first professional production in the Gene Bua: Acting For Life Theatre! (Burbank, CA) with Project Italy. Theatre soon became a new passion. The name changed with the three lasting members of StarGazerZ by 2009. The name Azure Lorica is a representation of each member’s passion away from the Cosplay scene: as an Artist, as a Poet, and as a Gamer — encouraging all three medias, to form a Theatre Company made for the 21st Century. The name itself has many definitions, depending on the culture referred (Italian, Irish, etc.), which in part serves as a vehicle of adaptive interpretation for the changes we made. We are here to stay.

We are currently a resident Troupe in the Pasadena Central Library, and showcase live events between Pasadena and Downtown Los Angeles. We have managed to cater to Los Angeles families through our premiere of JOURNEY SEEKERS: A Steampunk Adventure! and will continue with more family-friendly events to come.

Our Success: Azure Lorica, Inc. has made magnificent progress with the community, as we’ve been able to raise interest in live performance to the new generation of Los Angeles. Below are some of many successful projects and rewards of our cause. For more please visit: Success Stories

  • 2010: World Premiere of Journey Seekers at NoHo, Workshops at LA Convention Center.
  • 2011: Monthly Fundraisers, Live Reading of Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy at Pasadena, Workshops at LA based Conventions, Community News via azure-lorica.COM, Improved Volunteer Program.
  • 2012: Produced the World and Local Premiere of Captain Clay at NoHo & Pasadena, Opened Apprenticeship Program, Introduced DBoy Productions, Improved azure-lorica.COM.
  • 2013: Introduced new production teams: DBoy[…], Project 760[…], Raging Nerds, Creative Chimera.

Azure Lorica is a Guidestar Exchange MemberGovernance:

2012-2013 Azure Lorica, Inc. Board of Directors
Stefanie Warner, Chair
Eugene Docena
Tamir Yardenne
Alejandro Bravo
Melinda Wong

For Azure Lorica, Inc. Bylaws and Documents, visit guidestar.org

2011-2012 Azure Lorica, Inc. Board of Directors
Stefanie Warner, Chair
Eugene Docena
June Del Rosario
Paul Baldemoro

2010-2011 Azure Lorica, Inc. Board of Directors
Stefanie Warner, Chair
Eugene Docena
June Del Rosario