Your Volunteer Hours

VolunteersAzure Lorica Foundation welcome volunteers to participate in Triskele Press’s functions for their community service hours. We recommend volunteers to keep a journal for recording their hours with us. We are not liable for keeping track of volunteer’s missed hours.

Volunteers must apply as members to participate in all Triskele Press functions. The following are the the activities and their equivalence in time value:

  • Blogging = 60 minutes
  • Per Share = 15 mintues
    • Shares MUST post with Hashtag: #triskelepress and your penname (#InsertPenName)
      • example: Support Indie Artists! #triskelepress #foxstreet
    • We can search Hashtags at
    • We account Hashtags at the following sites:
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • Instagram
      • Pinterest
    • If you shared in other sites we cannot search on, we will refer to your journal.
    • Online Volunteers must email journal posts to:
  • Per Email = 15 minutes : time spent emailing Azure Lorica Foundation and it’s program supervisors are considered part of volunteer hours.

How to calculate your time per position:

  • film reviews = (length of movie) + (blogging) + (per share)
  • book reviews = (time spent reading) + (blogging) + (per share)
  • meet ups = (minutes spent at event) + (blogging) + (per share)
  • marketing assistant = (per share) + (per email) OR (sharing) + (minutes on phone/skype conference)

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